shlshl0 said: Don’t worry friend you got this!

ahh thank you! im sure i’ll be fine but i cant help but feel a bit nervous

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wow im not ready to technically be a high school student im like 5 whos idea was this

hashtag #shut up nerd #i fucking hate my school district get me out of the middle school building i do not belong there


ppl seem to think that if u didnt know that u were trans as a kid ur just Fakin It and it’s like buddy when i was a little kid i thought i was a goddamn pterodactyl i didnt have time to ponder gender




we’ve all had crushes we very strongly regret

evil laugh because rebekah, i know yours ◠‿◠

oh shit rebekah watch out 


Looks like we’re in mage-or trouble hahaAHHAa

Well, I tried. 

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/ We need more smiling kaneki ; w;

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No.6 official art; Shion.

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alternatively if someone asks you what you did today just grimly look down at your hands and say “something I should have done a long time ago…”


all i did this year was get more gay